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Julie Bushell

Teacher of Dru Yoga, Dru Dance & the Alexander Technique
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Having practised different forms of yoga for many years, I discovered Dru Yoga in 1998. I instantly felt it was the right yoga for me; with its gentle, flowing style and the feeling of well-being that it elicits. When my teacher moved to Wales and there was no other Dru teacher in the area, I decided to take the four year teacher training course. This was more with the aim of deepening my own understanding and practice than of becoming a teacher, however as the course progressed I felt more and more that I would like to share this unique form of yoga with others. For the last 10 years I have been running weekly classes and regular workshops around Burghfield, Tadley and Bourne End.  


Over recent years I have also completed the Dru Yoga prenatal, back care and Dru Dance teacher training courses.


I developed an interest in the Alexander Technique back in the early 1990's. Following a back injury and with the help of my teacher, I used this Technique to improve my poise and successfully aid my recovery. As what I learnt brought about a permanent change, it also acted as a preventative measure to avoid the problem recurring. This led me to fully realise the importance of the Alexander Technique in improving the functioning of the entire being (body, mind and emotions) and I decided to undertake the three year full time training course to become a qualified teacher. I completed this training at the Alexander Re-education Centre and now teach privately from home in Burghfield Common, near Reading.