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Julie Bushell

Teacher of Dru Yoga, Dru Dance & the Alexander Technique
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Dru Dance
Dru Dance is an energetic form of Dru Yoga which blends yoga and dance movements to create a dynamic, flowing sequence choreographed to music.  Allowing you to enjoy the benefits of yoga and dance in an invigorating and fun workout, it works to build strength and suppleness. A regular practice of Dru Dance can improve your flexibility, muscle tone and core stability, as well as making you more alert, energetic and focussed.


Each dance is taught over the course of ten lessons, during which you will learn and practise:

o   Warm-ups and body preps

o   Yoga postures relevant to the sequence   

o   Dru Dance sequence

o   Cool down and relaxation


To see an example of a Dru Dance available on YouTube, click here.


 Dru Dance demo by me at the

Mind Body Spirit Festival, London, May 2009.


 Dru Dance demo by our Reading group at the Yoga Show, London, October 2012. 

Dru Dance demo by our Reading group at the Yoga Show,
London, October 2013. 

Dru Dance demo by our Reading group at the Yoga Show, 

London, October 2014. 


Saturday 10:00 - 11:00 - 8 week course starting 13th January 2018
t Mary's Parish Centre, Church Lane, Burghfield, Reading, RG30 3TG
(dates: 13th January - 10th March, no class 10th February)


For more imformation about Dru Dance, see the

Dru website at